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Sea breath. Sea breathe. Sea breeze.

Sea breath. Sea breathe. Sea breeze.

Mill Creek, Chesapeake Bay


The long, sloping shoulders months of Summer on the Chesapeake are why we ran aground here and why we stay.  It is the Fall.  

And we breathe again.

Summers and Winters on the Chessy are unpleasant distinctions
without a difference.  

I loathe them equally.  I hide from them.  I'd run if I could. 

But it's the Fall.

On the change of seasons...

Cheery, warm, romantic, intimate protection

my thoughts turn to boats & escape.  When the North wind blows, my heart tugs at the snubbing line, and my mind dances around the anchor, dreaming of following the thermometer South.  

I seldom feel trapped by life anymore, except at the changing of the seasonal tides.  Then I dream of swimming at Christmas Cove, and lounging in the Baths, and the languid overnight passages between islands, alone on deck, wrapped in a starry cloak of moist island breeze.

Tonight, at last, we start to breathe again. The Fall. I long to follow the temperant breezes.

Hard aground on Coffee Ground Sound and stuck fast on Chicken Bone Reef, out on the back deck under the stars, by the splashy waterfall, we slice hard sausage & sharp cheese.  With each slice, the knife snaps on the cutting board like logs in the fire pit.  We saw chewy crusts of bread from a rustic loaf.  I light and hang aloft our old oil anchor lamp, all that's left of our sailboat.  We open a box of "Be Brave" and pour out our lives, our souls.  

We eat and drink and reminisce quietly by the fire until the sisters Subaru soar high above, and Gayle is framed by the great square of Pegasus.  

Lovely evening. 

But, we are mindful sailors.

Mill Creek Sunset, Chesapeake Bay

We know the stages of the tide, the breathing in & the breathing out of the sea. And we sense, more than know, we are now near the turning of slack high water.  These heartbeats alone we have to drift placidly together over our anchor, all straining slacked, before the next sea breath.  We are happy now, even joyful.  

Riding high & free, before the turning of the last tide.  

Sea breath. Sea breathe. Sea breeze.

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