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American Muslims

Perhaps a more nuanced look.  The American-Muslim community has been under intense scrutiny in the US since 911.  They've been tested and prodded and taunted and found to be just as loyal and good Americans as the Japanese Americans we put in Camps back during WWII. 

The American-Muslim community endured the baiting of the several Draw Mohammed contests in silence.  The only two people to respond were recent converts who drove from Phoenix to Houston with a copy of Islam for Dummies in the car only to be killed by a Motorcycle Officer.

The community, by all accounts from LEO, has been active in tamping down the hot heads and turning in suspicious activity. 

If nothing else, we have proved that the American system of acculturation is far superior to that of the French.  We leave them alone to practice their religion, dress how they want, have the success they can achieve, act they way they want. 

We do that with everybody, for the most part. 

I think it's time we give the American-Muslim community some props for being good American Citizens.  After all, more people have been killed in this country by Right Wing ideologues since 911 than Muslim Ideologues.

“What about -ism” Guns Deaths vs. Car Death Edition

“What about -ism” Guns Deaths vs. Car Death Edition