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Maybe Sanders Voters Should Vote for Trump Instead of Clinton

Maybe Sanders Voters Should Vote for Trump Instead of Clinton

A response to: dear bernie supporters: it’s time to vote for hillary, published in "Coffeelicous' on Medium. http://rhk.today/1rDOzjq


Well, that’s one POV. However, from a larger historical POV, there is only one thing that unites Sanders supporters and Trump supporters: 

Both Trump and Sanders supporters have been abandoned by their respective parties. 

The purpose of supporting Sanders is for his supporters is to punish the Democratic Party. The purpose of Trump supporters is to punish the Republican Party

So, given that rationale, there no reason for Sanders supporters to meekly fall in line and vote for Clinton. 

We all knows, the Democratic Party has counted on the fear of a Republican win of the White House to whip Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Union Workers, Manufacturing workers, Service workers, and the poor back into the line on election day, despite having made no progress on the issues these groups care about. 

On the other side, disaffected Republican voters, American citizens left behind by Republican economic plans and programs, have suffered greatly as well. They’ve been used as well. 

All of America has been used by both political parties for too long, too many decades, with nothing to show for it but stagnated wages and body bags. All of Middle and Lower income Americans have sacrificed personal, family, and community well-being on the altar of demagoguery and meaningless political doctrine. 

It’s not like all American voters have not been forced to chose the least offensive candidate for decades now. You’d think in a nation of 300 million people we could find better candidates. 

So, the only rational response to a failed Sanders candidacy is for Sanders voters to hold their nose and vote for Trump.

Yes, Trump is a racist and a misogynist. An Islamophobe. He is despicable. Trump is all that we deserve as a nation.

But America will survive a Trump presidency, just as we endured a Jackson presidency, the Italians survived Berlusconi, and the Russians will survive Putin. 

In fact, it is most likely that America will survive Trump for the exact same reasons that President Obama has been thwarted in his many efforts: The President only controls one of three legs of our political system. 

So don’t be afraid, Sanders people. Don’t fall into line for the Dems. If you do, every reform you think you have accomplished will be sponged away by the party bosses. 

And the same is true for Trump supporters. Don’t stay home and not vote or switch to Hillary for fear of Trump. 

The purpose of this presidential election is to punish both political parties. 

Utter failure is the only way to reform both political parties. 

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