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“What about -ism” Guns Deaths vs. Car Death Edition

“What about -ism” Guns Deaths vs. Car Death Edition

As entertaining an argument as it is misleading.

Vehicle safety is a great American success story, but you wouldn’t know that from hearing gun enthusiasts banging on about car deaths after any school shooting.

traffic deaths per VMT, VMT, per capita, and total annual deaths

As is apparent from this chart, vehicle deaths (red line) continue to decline decade after decade while vehicle miles driven bound exponentially upward (dark blue line — That last number is 10s of billions of miles driven per year, by the way).

If guns were as safe as our streets & highways on a deaths per 100 of billions of miles driven basis, there would be almost no gun deaths in this nation.

No doubt roadway infrastructure and advances in vehicle safety have saved countless lives.

But that success is built on a citizen-base of well-educated, well-trained drivers (think of them as a “well regulated militia”) who know, practice, and obey the rules.

It’s time that thoughtful gun owners, like myself & others, to stop cowering before the onslaught of gun fetishism and reassert some of the values that the old NRA that we used to love embodied. Modeling American Concealed Carry licensing in public spaces after our highly successful Driver Education system seems a good start.

  • classroom education,

  • testing,

  • evaluation,

  • practical skills test

  • mandatory liability insurance,

  • plus periodic review of record and renewals.

These standards, combined with the existing Interstate Compact infrastructure for reciprocal recognition, as we do with Drivers Licenses standards and testing, is a good first step in making sense of guns in America.

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