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The Threat - a review

Besides being a great police procedural tale of the FBI in action after the Boston Marathon Bombing, McCabe’s tale also warms the hearts of those of us who still believe in duty, fealty to the Constitution, honesty, and the rule of law. In a world where few believe in “unselfish service to the nation,” McCabe’s descriptions of the FBI’s processes and policies are gratifying to those of us who still believe in service.


Inspired.  Lyrical.  Erudite.  Fun.

I have both Madeline Miller's Kindle version and the ASTONISHING companion audible book narrated by Perdita Weeks.  In truth, you will really want both.  I followed along in the Kindle as I listened.  I frequently stopped the narration to luxuriate in one of Miller's translucent passages, reading it over and over again.