This is why what the NSA is doing, now the police are doing: "just collecting metadata" when they sweep up all the cellular telephone and internet data is so dangerous:

By collecting "just metadata" what the NSA is actually creating is a deep, permanent database of the intertwined relationships of American culture. In the trade, the practice is called Signals Intelligence, a craft the military and spy agencies around the world have been perfecting for hundreds of years.

Trump Could Still Lose

Courts have ruled that while states can require Electors to take a pledge of loyalty, Electors of the Electoral College are free agents.  Electors breaking their pledge or refusing to vote is not unheard of (the term for such an Elector is a Faithless Elector

Why I Care About #BlackLivesMatters (and Why You Should Too)

One of those sets of tools and limits is the tacit understanding that reasonable lawful decisions made in the performance of their official duties that happen in an instant on the street will generally be adjudicated in favor of the officer.  Otherwise, no one would take the job. 

However, if that understanding is abused by the police, as minority communities have complained for decades, and which they can now prove with video, then all the people have a responsibility to take notice.

Sea breath. Sea breathe. Sea breeze.

We know the stages of the tide, the breathing in & the breathing out of the sea. And we sense, more than know, we are now near the turning of slack high water.  These heartbeats alone we have to drift placidly together over our anchor, all straining slacked, before the next sea breath.  We are happy now, even joyful.  Riding high & free, before the turning of the last tide.  

Waiting on Swarm Season

I'm organizing my swarm catching gear today.  And I thought of the Trojans streaming like bees to defend their home.  

But swarms are different.  Homer was describing offense.  Swarms are new life, like dividing cells under a microscope.  Mitosis of the hive.