Where I get my News

I am a constant reader. At breakfast, if there is nothing else to read, I’ll read the back of a bottler of Tabasco.

But I also think a lot about what I read. I read many sources for each story. I add in my own experience, knowledge and education.

It is not difficult to get approach “the ground truth,” if one is diligent and intellectually honest.

Where I get my news….

Where I get my news….

I also subscribe to these e-mail newsletters:

  • PRRI

  • Time

  • Center for Public Integrity

  • New York Times

  • NextDraft

  • Task & Purpose

  • Alexis Madrigal

  • Brookings Brief

  • SupChina Newsletter

  • The Marshall Project

  • Pacific Standard

  • Morning Brew

  • League of Women Voters Newsletter

  • ProPublica

  • National Constitution Center

  • Scholar Strategy Network

  • Center for Investigative Reporting

  • ACLU News

  • Defense One Today

  • Early Bird Brief (Military Times)

  • Military Health Brief

  • New American Education


  • The Virginia Mercury

  • The Trace

  • FiveThirtyEight Newsletter

  • The New Yorker Newsletter

  • Medium Weekly Digest

  • Pharos, Doing Justice to the Classics

  • Classical Wisdom Weekly

  • Today’s Worldview (WaPo)

  • Science Magazine

  • Statistica Infographic Bulletin

  • Nieman Lab

  • The Economist

  • CSM Monitor Daily Newsleter

  • CityLab

  • The Atlantic

  • Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Southern Environmental Law Center

  • Axios

  • The Hill

  • Green Car Reports

  • The Virginian Pilot

  • Charlottesville Observer

  • Aeon Magazine

  • Consumer Reports

  • Kaiser Health News

  • Stat Newsletter

  • Terrorism Watch

  • The Cipher Brief

  • The Guardian

  • The Poynter Institute

Media Bias Chart

I participate in (and contribute to) a program at ad fontes inc to rate news outlets. Most of my news comes from the center top of the chart. Teams of Left, Right & Center participants, read or watch the same materiel, and agree on a rating.

If you get your news from sources in the upper center of the chart, you’ll get close being well informed.